Obama to unveil new drone policy, new policy for drones

Obama to unveil new drone policy, new policy for drones

President Barack Obama on Tuesday unveiled a new drone program that he said would help the United States “focus on the most urgent threats to national security.”

The drone strike policy, titled “Drones for the Defense,” is aimed at combating al-Qaeda and ISIS and other threats to the homeland.

The president’s announcement comes amid growing concern over the drone strike program and a number of drone attacks by U.S. forces.

Obama also outlined his plan for the drone strikes and said he would use drones in a “bipartisan fashion.”

“The president wants to move forward in a bipartisan fashion with the support of Congress, the people of this country and the American people,” the president said.

Obama added that he would also work to “ensure that the use of drones does not inadvertently target innocent people.”

The administration announced last month that it would ban the use and sale of the Predator drone, which can fly at nearly 600 miles per hour.

The administration said the decision came after an extensive review of the unmanned aircraft, including in-flight video and other information.

The move followed the killing of a U.K. citizen by a drone strike in November.

Obama has also announced plans to conduct a study on the use, or lack thereof, of drones in U.N. peacekeeping operations.

He said he will hold a briefing on the drone program next month and also announced new rules for the use in U,S.

operations in the U.M.

S Abbottabad, Pakistan, April 25, 2019.

The drone program has drawn the ire of the White House, which has repeatedly accused the administration of stalling.

In recent weeks, the White Senate slammed the Obama administration for not using more airstrikes, which they say is needed to combat the threat posed by al-Shabab in Somalia and Yemen.


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