How to make a drone delivery from home to your door without the need for a truck

How to make a drone delivery from home to your door without the need for a truck

A drone delivery driver has been delivering packages from the airport to the home of his customers for months, and he’s using the drone as a delivery system to cut down on his costs.

John Parnell, CEO of Drones Unlimited, a drone company, started using the delivery drone to deliver packages in December 2016, when his delivery company, Drones Express, was just getting off the ground.

“I had this idea to bring drones to the doorstep.

I just wanted to do it,” he told Business Insider.

“And then I thought, why not have the drones at home?”

Drones Unlimited was one of the first drone companies to launch in the US, and the company now operates out of a home in Seattle.

Parnet was also part of a team that developed an app called BumpIt that allows users to upload pictures of their deliveries and post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The app has over 400,000 users and is currently available on Apple and Google Play.

Drones is currently working on its next delivery app, but has not yet made an official announcement.

Drones, like most forms of delivery, uses satellites to track the drone, which allows it to find the exact location of a package and then fly it over the customer’s home.

For Parnett, the drone’s tracking software also allows it “to find the best route for the package.”

“I have a lot of things going on that make the drone more effective than a traditional delivery,” he said.

Parnell is using drones to help his delivery business by helping him cut down costs, but he also says that drone delivery is an exciting time for consumers.

“Drones are not just about the thrill, they’re about the freedom, the safety, and even the convenience of being able to do things at home,” he explained.

“We’ve seen it in all the other industries, like delivery trucks.”

He said that he’s optimistic about the future of drones.

“If you look at the future, there will be more drones than people.

We’re just getting started,” he added.

“But it’s exciting to see it happen, to see people being able and willing to be more involved in their delivery.”


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