How to get free shipping for your parcel from Amazon – Amazon

How to get free shipping for your parcel from Amazon – Amazon

The new $99 Prime shipping option is great for, but not for you.

The only way to get it is to use Amazon Prime.

Here are some important steps you need to take before using Amazon Prime to get the best price.1.

Select your delivery service.

Amazon Prime offers delivery to any address in the world.

To get free ground shipping, you must select your delivery destination, which will vary depending on the delivery service you choose.2.

Choose your shipping address.

For Amazon Prime, select your home address.

Amazon also offers ground shipping for some destinations.3.

Choose the delivery method.

For the Amazon Express Delivery service, the cheapest option is to choose “Amazon Express” as your delivery method (see our list of top delivery methods here).4.

Select delivery method at checkout.

To select the Amazon Prime shipping service, click on the “Select delivery method” button on the top of your order.5.

Select the amount of shipping.

Amazon Express will automatically calculate the shipping amount based on the number of items in your order, and then you can input the shipping method at the checkout.6.

Select what delivery method you want to receive your order from.

For example, if you order 2-3 pounds of groceries, Amazon Express may calculate a shipping cost of $9.99 for the delivery of that amount.7.

Choose delivery date.

Amazon orders arrive via the “deliver” link on the checkout page.

To see the delivery dates for your local store, click the “Order” button at the bottom of your screen, and choose “Local store” to see the available delivery dates.8.

Choose Amazon Prime delivery method from the drop-down list.

This will display a list of the delivery options available to you.9.

Make sure your delivery location is selected.

To make sure your Amazon order is eligible for Prime delivery, make sure the delivery address you select matches the address on your Amazon Prime account.10.

Select which delivery method to select from the delivery option drop-downs on the right side of your Amazon orders page.

Amazon offers free shipping on select items that are eligible for free shipping (see this page for more details).

If you are in a rush, or if you need more time, you can also purchase an Amazon Prime Subscription to get access to Amazon’s Prime service, which offers free delivery to select customers for up to seven days (for an additional $10 per day for shipping to a PO Box).

To use Amazon Express or Prime shipping, your order must be placed by midnight ET on the date you place the order.

Amazon will then calculate the estimated delivery date and shipping costs and then send your order the following day.


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