Amazon, Microsoft offer ‘smart’ mailboxes for $20 a month

Amazon, Microsoft offer ‘smart’ mailboxes for $20 a month

Posted September 16, 2018 07:19:54Amazon and Microsoft announced the availability of a new smart home delivery service called Mint Express.

The service will be available in select US cities starting September 22.

The service will let customers order products from the Amazon or Microsoft online store, with the option of sending them to an address in their home.

The company said it will deliver products to homes within 30 days.

The Mint Express service will only be available to residents of the US, though it will be rolled out to customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Amazon and Microsoft said it is not yet clear how the service will work in other countries, but noted that there are plans to roll it out to other regions around the world.

Mint Express will be able to deliver orders from the US and select US states and cities, as well as Canada and other international markets.

The delivery company said in a blog post that the Mint Express program is a partnership between Amazon and the Microsoft cloud computing platform.

“We believe the Mint is the next step in a comprehensive approach to bringing home delivery to consumers,” Amazon said in the blog post.

“For many consumers, it will enable them to make their home deliveries on demand, and be able do it wherever they are.”

The service, which Amazon described as a “first class” delivery service, will include three tiers: The lowest is a single-day delivery for $40 a month, with a total of six deliveries.

The second tier is for one day delivery for only $20.

The third tier is a one-day shipping option for $30.

Each of the three tiers can be customized to suit a specific customer.

For customers with large, expensive homes, Mint Express will cost $25 a month to use.

Mint Express is currently available in more than 70 cities in the US.

Amazon said it plans to expand its service to other countries later this year.


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