Why a Canadian airline is now using drones to deliver packages

Why a Canadian airline is now using drones to deliver packages

Posted November 07, 2018 08:16:09 A Canadian airline says it is using drones and a smartphone app to deliver its packages to the homes of its customers.

The company says the drone can deliver packages in 20 minutes.

The drone is part of the company’s “Postal Express” app, which it has developed for several years.

The app lets users order a package, then pay via their smartphone.

The package is sent to a post office on the ground, and customers receive an email.

The courier is then flown to their house to pick up the package.

“The drone can be used to deliver parcels in 20-minute timeframes to any post office or delivery center,” the Postal Express website says.

“Postage delivery from your door to your door can take anywhere from 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the package and the number of delivery vehicles.”

In a video posted on the company Facebook page, an employee in a red lab coat says: “We’ve been using the drone for about three months now and I’ve never seen this in the past.

We’re actually doing deliveries to people’s homes, to the address they gave us, to other people’s addresses, and it works really well.

It really does.”

It also says that the drone was tested in the UK, but it is not yet operational in Canada.

The Postal Exchange, a delivery company that operates in Alberta and Saskatchewan, has used drones to send packages in the United States for several months.

In September, the company said it had tested the drone in California.

The Washington Post reported last week that Postal International was planning to open a facility in Texas.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Post has a $250 million investment in Postal, and the company says it has a strong track record in delivering packages.

In the video posted by PostalExpress, the drone is shown flying over the company headquarters.

“We are proud to be a part of Canada Post and are excited to bring Postal to Canada,” the company posted on Facebook.

“There is a real demand for delivery services, and we have seen that for years.

We are excited about our new partnership with Postal and are confident that it will bring new and innovative ways to deliver to Canadians, to deliver for businesses and to deliver through our apps.”

The Post has been using drones for years to deliver letters to its customers in the U.S.


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