Google says it has removed a Google-owned delivery app from the Google Play store because of anti-Muslim content

Google says it has removed a Google-owned delivery app from the Google Play store because of anti-Muslim content

The Google Play Store is removing an app called Glatt Express, a delivery app for beer that has raised concerns about anti-Semitic content.

The Google Play product manager, Braden Loesch, confirmed to India’s Economic Times that the app is being removed.

The app had been listed as a “Premium Product” by Google.

Loesch did not explain the reason behind the decision.

“We’ve reviewed the content and removed it from our Play Store,” Loesck said.

“This is an extremely distressing issue that we take very seriously.”

Glatt Express was available on Google Play for about a month before it was removed from the app store.

Liesch said Google was removing the app after it raised questions about the anti-Jewish content in the app.

“As soon as we reviewed it, we received a report from a member of our customer service team that the content was inciting hatred,” Losesch said.

“While we’re happy to remove the content, we can assure you that we have removed it in line with our Community Guidelines, which are designed to ensure that we don’t tolerate hate speech or other content that’s harmful to other users.”

Glottas Express has raised questions on social media about anti Muslim bias.

“I am very disappointed to see this app removed from Google Play.

As a Sikh woman and Sikh woman in India, I know firsthand how hateful this is and what is going on with the anti Islamic sentiment,” wrote Kari Nanda, a senior executive at the Sikh Coalition for Human Rights, which runs a website that promotes Sikh rights.

Losesch also said the company was reviewing how the app’s content was presented in the Google store.

“The Glatt express app has not been removed from our store,” Liesch told the Economic Times.

Glatt is a delivery delivery app.

It offers delivery of up to two bottles of beer for $15 a bottle.

The app’s founders are Bhupinder Singh and Vinod Bhat.

Singh was arrested in July for his part in a deadly anti-India protest in New Delhi in December last year.

The police claim Bhat is responsible for the death of a woman in a scuffle with police in New York.


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