When will Uber’s new ride-hailing service be available to all UberX drivers?

When will Uber’s new ride-hailing service be available to all UberX drivers?

Posted March 11, 2018 07:51:08A new UberX service will be available on the new platform on April 1, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced in a blog post.

It is designed for UberX riders who need to make a trip but have no ride sharing experience or drivers that don’t need to be certified.

Kalanik says the service will have a “no reservation, no fee” policy.

UberX, which launched in New York in 2016, was previously available only in Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Kalantian says he expects UberX to have “over 50 million rides on a global basis in the next five years.”

The new service, UberX for Business, will have an app for drivers and will be powered by Open Platform Technologies.

It will also be powered entirely by self-driving technology.

Kalalany says that the new service will offer drivers the ability to schedule pickups, drop offs, and pick ups.

The new Uber for Business service will not have a cap on drivers and passengers, but it will limit them to a limit of 50 passengers per trip.

Kalas said he expects drivers will be paid a $1,000 monthly fee to work on the platform, and that they will also earn points for doing so.

Uber’s current drivers will have to meet with the new Uber team and take the company’s new driver certification test before they will be allowed to take UberX.

Uber has been under pressure from ride-sharing competitors to bring the service to the masses.

Lyft is already offering the service and has had success with its service, but many have criticized the company for its slow response time to new ride sharing technologies and its inability to keep up with demand.


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