ESOP: ESOP-inspired VMware virtualization service offers 1 TB of cloud storage per day

ESOP: ESOP-inspired VMware virtualization service offers 1 TB of cloud storage per day

ESOPs are software-as-a-service providers, offering a cloud service as a service, and for a price.

In the past, you would use a dedicated hardware server to run your virtual machine, but with the rise of cloud-hosted applications and data, the service can now be run on a web service as well.

This year, VMware has introduced ESOP in its ESXi platform, and the company is also making it available on the ESXi Hosting Marketplace. 

The ESOP service can be accessed from the VMware vSphere Web Client, but the developer edition is a separate application that is installed on the host and is available on all ESXi hosts. 

“The ESO service is a way for VMware to deliver on the promise of ESOP by providing an easy-to-use cloud service that runs on the VMware Virtualization Server, and allows you to run multiple virtual machines with a single cloud service,” VMware’s ESOP team wrote in a blog post. 

You’ll need to install a virtual machine for the ESOP app to be able to connect to the host, but once you have that running, you can then start the virtual machine as usual.

This means that you can run your ESOP VM on any host, and not have to worry about running it on a separate machine or using the virtual desktop.

The ESOP server can then be accessed as a single service, allowing for a more consistent experience for users. 

This service also comes with support for other cloud-based applications, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Azure.

The developer edition of the ESO will cost $199.99 and runs for six months, and will be made available to ESOP customers starting on September 17. 

If you’re looking to get started with the ESop app, you’ll need a compatible VMware VM to run it.

To do so, you need to register with VMware and create a new virtual machine.

The free ESOP developer edition will also allow you to download and install a few of the latest ESOP tools. 

While the ESOp service is limited to running on ESXi, VMware is working to add support for additional platforms in the future. 

Virtual machines are one of the most popular use cases for VMware, and it’s not uncommon for a VMware product to be used by multiple users across multiple ESXi machines.

This is especially true when you need a solution to manage data and storage on your network, or when you have multiple applications that need to be run asynchronously.

The availability of ESO and ESOP are a huge step forward for VMware’s cloud offering.


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